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    I am fairly new at the affiliate thing and am still learning alot. I appreciate all the help I've been getting on this site.

    While scoping out the competition I notice that there are links, some with pictures and some without, to many different merchants. I think this kind of link would be appropriate for my site as I think my customer would benefit from it. SO, I go to Linkshare (as an example only) to pull up the store and get the link. I look and find that there is no link like I saw on the other site. Keeping in mind also that I didn't see it in my e-mail notifications. I am wondering if there is a certain way to extract these off the site without upsetting merchants or putting them on my site incorrectly which would defeat the purpose of my promtional efforts: ie no commissions.

    I know that some of the affiliate sites have a setup where you can get anything off of their merchants websites. I am, however, referring specifically to merchants that aren't set up like this. It can't be a big secret. many sites are doing it.

    Thanks for the help

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    Hmmm .. sounds like you might be referring to Script Clone who strips sites content and reforms to yours? Is this want you need?


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    Sometimes you can contact the affiliate manager, describe what you want and get your links just by asking. Worth a try.


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