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    Hi everyone. I've built a number of sites in the past page by page using HTML. Right now I've got a new site that I'd like to develop and I have most of the information for the site in an Excel spreadsheet. I've got a couple of hundred of products that are already in the spreadsheet or will likely soon be loaded in. I'd love to find a way to use a single template and build a site with a unique page for each product in the spreadsheet without building them page by page. I'm sure there's a way to write a command that would generate a site from this. There are a couple of programmers that I work with fairly regularly who I'm sure could do this in no time, but I'm in a learning stage at the moment and would love to know how to do it myself. If anyone has any advice about how I should go about doing this, I'd love to hear it. Thanks, Dave

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    Well, three options come to mind off the top of my head, from least to most expensive:

    Option 1: Save the excel spreadsheet as a CSV (character separated value) file. Then, you can write (or borrow off a script site) a Perl script to pull data from your CSV file. This is called a flat file database.

    Option 2: Copy and paste your excel spreadsheet into a MySQL database, and then write (or borrow) a PHP script for interfacing with MySQL.

    Option 3: Copy and paste your excel spreadsheet into an Access Database, then find a Web Host that allows Cold Fusion, and write ( or borrow) a Cold Fusion script to interface with your Access database.

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    A fourth option would be to use WebMerge, a toolthat generates static Web pages from database and spreadsheet content. Generated pages are standard HTML, and require no special server setup.

    You can download the fully functional demo for free at:

    Richard Gaskin
    Fourth World Media Corporation
    Developer of WebMerge 2.2: Publish any database on any site
    Tel: 323-225-3717 AIM: FourthWorldInc

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    tollsite - interesting use of the word "borrow"

    Are you Crazy?

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    Here is something easier for you.

    Just "link" the Excel spreadsheet to an Access database. You keep working in Excel and the changes are reflected in the database.

    Go to W3Schools and click "Learn ADO" for help.

    Also, ADO also connects to Excel sheets as well, but it may take more time to figure out how to manage that.

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