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    Since the new version of windows came out, I have had a few complaints from site visitors who say when they click on my links ( all are affiliate links) they get errors and cannot access the merchants I am running on my site.

    My site loads ok, but when they click on an affiliate link it hangs forever and eventually times out.

    The only complaints I have had are from
    WindowsXP users who have IE 6 or higher.

    I have informed these customers how to unblock cookies on I6 but they say it still doesn't work.

    My links do all open in a new window using
    Target= "_blank" I am n ot sure if that could have anything to do with anything, but just adding that just in case.

    Any experts have a clue what is up? No one else seems to have problems as far as I can tell.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    My guess would be they have some form of ad-blocker installed.
    Maybe kazaalite is installed, and the networks addresses are added to the users hosts file.
    There are a few thread on the hosts file. A search should bring them up.

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