Hi All,
I am trying to make my dynamic site to be search engine friendly and have successfully implemented 404.asp and server.transfer in iis 5.0

However, everytime I redirect non existing document using 404.asp and server.transfer , 404.asp always generate 302 header which is not desireable.

I have added Response.Status = "200 OK" command to my 404.asp but it's not working, I still get 302 error

Here is the code i use in 404.asp

Response.Status = "200 OK"
strQ = Request.ServerVariables("QUERY_STRING")
if instr(strQ,"msg") then
posawal = InStrRev(strq, "msg")
strq = Mid(strq, posawal + 3, 20)
strq = Replace(strq, ".htm", "")

end if

How do I tell IIS to return "200 OK" header?. Where did I make mistake?. I do not want "302" header because I am afraid it will make my site not crawable.