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    Take off eh?
    It seems everyone is talking PHP.
    My question is this. What are the advantages of PHP over ASP or other web programming languages? Personally I find ASP very simple, yet very powerful. I have yet to find something I could not do with it. (Ahem to those reading my other posts, I said "do" I never mentioned "Do Well" [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif[/img])
    Is it really worth going out and getting a few learn to PHP books?
    Just curious on what peoples thoughts are on this.

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    You don't need to buy any books at all. The PHP Manual is one of the best online manuals I know of. Very simple, packed full of stuff for beginners and very complete.

    If you think ASP is easy to use, you'll love PHP!


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    I suggest you do the one you enjoy the most. If you find ASp easy and powerful stay with it, every language has it's good and bad sides.

    I have learned Perl (CGI), PHP and ASP but I do ALL my programming in Perl. Why? 'Couse I enjoy coding in Perl very much and I don't like the other ones. It's just a matter of taste, I'm not saying Perl is superiour. Do what you like and do it well [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    What C4 said. It's the one you tend toward most. I've learned Perl, PHP, Java Servlets, Python, and Coldfusion (and some yucky languages like C). For me, Coldfusion is the hands-down winner (for Websites) but I can see where it would not be for many. The primary reason Coldfusion is my favorite is that I can implement data-driven solution with far fewer lines of code and in fewer hours than in any other language. My second favorite is a toss-up between Perl and PHP; Perl is a much more mature and stable language and I've an aversion to anything that resembles C (like PHP). But PHP really is faster and easier to work with than Perl.

    Bottom line, it's what you like. They will all do essentially the same things. It's more important for you to become proficient in your language of choice.

    However if you want to learn PHP I will recommend a book that will put you in good stead and has gotten good reviews - Programmer to Programmer Beginning PHP4 from Wrox press. It is a thick book that gives excellent coverage of both PHP and MySQL.


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    I just started moving my site to PHP. Its been a pretty simple transition. I found this tool:

    It was a great starting point, it won't convert 100%, but it will give you a good base. If you know asp, you will have no problem with PHP. I personally think its easier and I programmed ASP about 4 years up until about 3 weeks ago when I started rewriting my site in PHP. BTW, I'm done already, my site is about ready to go live in PHP this weekend.

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    Can anyone provide further input...

    Which is better? ASP or PHP ... pros & cons much appreciated! Thank you!

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    Take off eh?
    I'm an asp freak so I will just mention my experiences so far.

    Cost: MySQL hosting is WAAAAAAYYYY cheaper generally than windows/Sql server hosting. Many hosts offer free MySql databases while most asp hosts offer free MS Access databases but you have to pay for the more powerful Sql Server ones.

    Ease: I have found Asp VERY easy to use, moreso than php. I think it might be what you cut your teeth on that dictates.

    Support: Waaaaaay more support forums for php I found early on, although in recent months I have found TONS of asp sites that are chock full of info.

    Power: I think php enables you a more control than asp, although the differences seem fairly small in my limited experience.

    Overall, it would seem like I prefer Php. In all honesty I actually prefer Asp and again I think that's solely due to it being my first experience.

    If I had to start over though, I would go with Php & MySql first ... the cost savings (depending on your host) can be quite large although I have found a decent and affordable windows/sql host.

    The support you will find with php is more readily available although there are still MANY asp forums. Also, the stigma of using Asp won't cast you as an outsider or misfit when you talk about coding here.

    Lastly though, now that I have used both asp and php (again limited) I have to say I find I enjoy working with Asp more than php. It just feels more natural to me.
    I think that's the most important thing, what works best for you, like C4 and eaglefire said.

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    "Is it really worth going out and getting a few learn to PHP books? "

    No. If you already know another language picking up PHP by RTFM should be easy.

    "What are the advantages of PHP over ASP "
    PHP is a POS honestly. But, as you said its very widespread, tons of sample code, tons of support. Lots of cheap webhosting that supports php. Its easy.

    I feel as if using ASP/IIS/MSSQL is supporting M$, which, I prefer not to do when it can be avoided.

    Not that anyone asked, but, if I had to recommend another language, which I didn't feel was a big POS, it would be Python.

    I personally use PHP for 90% of what I do.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> PHP is a POS honestly <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Um .... Yeah right

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