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    Okay, I am just about to complete a full redesign on one of my existing sites. I have designed both the original version and the new version in Frontpage, however they are on different "webs" on my hard drive.

    I want for the existing pages to still be on my web host after the new version is published (I want these old pages to live on eternally because of potential links from other sites to specific pages).

    If I publish the new web, will it delete all my existing pages, since they are not in the new "web"?

    I hope that I have not totally confused all of you! I look forward to hearing from you.


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    I've tried this, but encountered lots of problems with both sets of files trying to share information (like headers, menu items, images, etc).

    What I did was copy all the files I wanted in to my computer directory with the new files and then publish them all to the new site.

    I'm sure there is an easier way. Would love to hear it.

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    Just select the files from your new web and then publish. If you have some files which are common, obviously the new ones will show up after the copy. In case images, it might screw-up look of the old pages. I just did a redesign of one of my sites. Still kept the old pages. Did not have any problem, because I took caution in naming new files to avoid future conflict.

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    Theme based navigation and duplicates of page names or image names can be a bugger. You can test out the effects by publishing both "webs" to your hard drive in one location as if it were the hosting site, and see where it messes up.

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