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    Looking for the code for this or this. Could be just what all us pop-up lovers are looking for, as they can't be stopped by those nasty pop-up blockers.

    Tried surfing the net, but the nearest I've found is this which is not as impressive as the ones on the two above sites.

    Any of you geniuses know how to get the code for the flying-in popups from above sites (presume it's not copyrighted)?

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    I'm really not sure why you would want to obscure a large portion of your site (which presumably took you a long time to buid) with an ad that most people would really hate.

    Why not just place the ad in with the site design?

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    Hello Azam, I had no problem at all getting to the source code files of all the sites you show above in less than 5 minutes total.

    I won't post the codes because of legal proprietary copyright issues in our doing so, but it was very easy (actually to easy).

    If anti-popup software is a concern for you in order to promote something, why not make your popups pop in a DIV layer. Most anti-pop software cannot detect and/or block DIV layer spawned ads.

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