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    I am using datafeeds which contain image URL's to thumnail sized graphics. I'use MS Access to create my database. I am able to display the URL to the graphic so someone can click on to view the graphic, BUT I want to display the graphic itself instead, and not be a hyperlink that is clickable. I would appreciate any help on this whatsoever. Thanks.

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    Take off eh?
    Normally all you have to do is this:
    <+img src="rs("Thumburlhere")" >
    You pull the target url from the databse and put it between the "" (quotes).
    It's exactly the same as any other image tag.
    Obviously the + gets removed.

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    Thank you for a quick reply.
    I neglected to mention I also use FrontPage 2002.
    I'm not quite sure where to enter that bit of code. Do I add in Access in front of every URL in the <<thumburl>> field? Or am I supposed to enter that in the database results in FrontPage?

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