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    January 17th, 2005
    i'm looking for a program that will sigin to multiple rate sites, and spider through peoples profiles.. using the 'whose online' page. needs to view a new user every 60 seconds.

    i had a friend start this project for me in visual c++, however he doesn't have time to work on it anymore so i need someone to finish it. right now you have to sign into the sites manually and then open the program and press 'start' and it spiders through profiles on the first page every 60 seconds it changes to a new profile.. i'm wanting it to goto the 2nd page after it's done with the first. instead he made it refresh. also need a spot to put the login name/pass and for it to logout/login if what i have doesn't match when it trys loading the site.. i'm pretty sure i'll only be able to do one account per computer because of the cookies.. this is fine. i have multiple computers that i can put the program on for my other accounts. i have the source code and can give you that if u want to look over what he's done and use that. i don't really care about the pages loading or anything.. in fact if you can make the images not load or anything that would help out on the lag, because i'm going to be minimizing the program and not paying attention to it. also need a checkbox put beside each site so if it's checked it will do that site.. if not it skips that site and just does the others.

    the reason for this is so i will show up on peoples 'recent viewers' list and that will get me more profile views.. on my profile i have a link to my site.. a weird way of advertising.. but it does work. i'm willing to spend 100$ on this i don't have anything more.

    if you want this project, ill give you the source code/program, sites, usernames/passwords to test with. i'd prefer to pay you through paypal or check.

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    Why don't you just spam phpbb boards with usernames starting with lots of !!!'s?

    It's a much easier way lamo.

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    January 17th, 2005
    thanks for your input.

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