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    January 17th, 2005
    So I got some datafeeds up and running and decided I needed a good way to search the ENTIRE site.

    I realized my folly of custom tables per merchant, so now I can't really use mysql fulltext with my current database schema reliably. It seemed like a good idea at the time because my import script took only a few seconds per datafeed. (relatively small ones like 2000-5000 products each)

    I've tried a few scripts that had a spider to index my whole domain... it's still going but a this rate it won't be done for maybe a day. Is there any fast search scripts available with fast site indexing or are all spider type scripts quite slow?

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    Hello Canadian eh, I think that you have selected the right type of "search site" script function that will collect your entire site data from an internal server crawl for your need.

    Unfortunately, when you get over 20k pages it does seem like it takes an eternity but is the small price you pay for "internal page crawl search scripts".

    I don't know how many pages your crawling, but the average time we see per 1k pages is about 3-4 minutes.
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    1k pages every 3-4 minutes? this a custom script or downloadable one?

    The one I used took something like 30+ hours for approximately 8000-8500 pages. Although it searched like a browser following links and the vast majority of those pages are dynamically generated.

    One of the tables it uses has over 1.5 million rows now.

    Today I added another few thousand pages and I'm hesitant to update the search database since it might start from the beginning :P

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    I sent you a PM Canadian eh
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