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    What would be the most advisable way to exclude certain domains from your site, in order to save bandwidth wasted on otherwise useless traffic.

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    First you need to know what is useless - do you track visitors? Can you say that referrals from are good or bad. I think you are asking for trouble blocking domains. My best solution was to put adsense on the index page, at least you can earn exit dollars for the wrong visitors. If they like the look of your site they are hardly going to move on straight away.

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    well, if you're using Apache, it's very easy to block certain ccTLD's using mod_rewrite.

    There's plenty of tutorials out there, just search on +mod_rewrite +tutorial

    It's not 100% reliable using the ccTLD (as for instance British Telecom uses rather than, but it's easy to set up and can knock the stuffing out of the email address spiders running in China.

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    That seemed to do it, thanks Drewbert.

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    If you are trying to block visitors/spiders from some countries keep in mind that most ISPs have a .net domain. The most reliable way to go is to check the visitor IP number against an "IP to location" database, like this free one:

    You'll need some programming skill though...
    [URL=]Help desk software[/URL]

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