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    I am trying to get a MySQL query to work but I'm just not getting it.

    Here is what I have:

    select * from $tablename Where (SUBCAT1 = \"$_GET[SC1]\" or SUBCAT2 = \"$_GET[SC2]\") and CATAGORY = \"$_GET[CAT]\"

    I am trying to have it select records that match a "Catagory" and match either "SUBCAT1" or "SUBCAT2"

    Make sense. Please Help.


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    I'd use:

    $sql = "SELECT * FROM $tablename WHERE CATAGORY='" . $_GET['CAT'] . "' AND (SUBCAT1='" . $_GET['SC1'] . "' OR SUBCAT2='" . $_GET['SC2'] . "');";

    This assumes that "Catagory", "SUBCAT1" and "SUBCAT2" are all strings and not numbers (if they are numbers then remove the single quotes before the double quotes).
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