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    Hopefully I'm posting this in the right area.

    What I'm looking to do is sell a service related "Gift Certificate" on one of my sites. I'd like to have the buyer process it with paypal or 2co then go to an area they can simply print it out and bring it in.

    I poked through paypal and 2co and don't see a way I can put this in a secure area (my site or theirs) where someone can only get to it after they complete the transaction. Ideally what I'm looking at is a $25, $50, $75, $100 item so I'd need to create 4 different transactions and keep people from printing out/downloading more than one copy. Dynamically numbering them would be ideal but I think i'm asking too much with that..

    Anyone have any ideas how to do this??

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    During the creation of the payment button, you will come to an area for inputting a redirect link after payment is made. Put your coupon on a page of your site as a PDF file or graphic. The page will come up after payment is made. Or it could be a form for collecting buyer information and you can then send it to them in an email.
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