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Superstore-Electronics is a full spectrum electronics merchant with over 5,000 sku's in all major categories including: (good keywords below )

Audio Components
Blank Media
Bookshelf Stereo
Cameras & Binoculars
Car Audio
CD Players & Recorders
Computer Department
Digital Photography
DVD Players
Equipment Cases
Home Theater
MP3 Players
Music Machines
Personal Audio
Professional Audio
Pryme Security
Radar/Laser Detectors
Refurbished Electronics
Small Appliances
Surveillance and Observation
Toys & Games
Video Games & Access.

Here are a few quick stats:

1) Running on the Share A Sale network
2) 30 day cookies
3) 7% base commissions
4) Parasite free
5) Coupons Galore
6) Full, free data feed available
7) Weekly FPC's
8) Product Showcase Creator
9) Deep linking capability with URL link redirect.
10)Partner support forum on ABW here.

And the most important feature, the owner is one of the nicest persons to work with and has a sincere desire to grow this program.

>>> You can join the program: here.

>>> The weekly FPC is: here.
*** you need to add you SAS account number after the equal sign for it to work properly

>>> The Product Showcase Creator is: here

>>> For access to the data feed, send me an email with the subject line: FEED ME and your SAS aacount number.

>>> To sign up for our affiliate program dealsletter, send a blank email to: andy.1963.99@optinpro.com

This will be a major player in the electronics category very soon, we have room to grow and the flexibility to compete with any one in this space.

Join today and let me know what I can do to help you make money with electronics.

Thank you,

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and Consulting Services
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AIM: AffiliateDoctor

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