Hello Team,

We are in month 2 of the new BettyMills program and I would like to thank all of you that have stepped up to the plate for us so far.

For those of you that haven't found out, I've been running the program since December 2003. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, feel free to contact me at: andy@bettymills.com

We have many exciting plans for the program, including fresh new creatives, new tools and working one on one with you to maximize our relationship. This program has incredible opportunity that has yet to be explored.

There are already a few tools we have implemented for you so you can increase your earnings.

1) Product Showcase Creator - the Product Showcase Creator is available for you to use. This is a fantastic tool designed for those of you that are not 100% comfortable with programming or using data feeds. You simply choose the products you want to display on your site, pick the layout, colors and with a few clicks, you have an affiliate encoded HTML page you can copy and paste to your site. You can find the PSC here.

2) Full Page Creative - the FPC comes out every 2 weeks plus we will create additional ones designed as year long landing pages. This is a professionally designed page that features our hottest deals. All you do is insert your Betty Mills affiliate ID in the HTML, do a search and replace, then copy and paste onto your site. In seconds, you have a full page that looks great and converts incredibly well. The regular FPC can be found here. We update every 2 weeks. The new special section FPC on storage and sheds can be found here.

3) Full Product Data Feed - The BettyMills data feed has received many accolades and has been driving our program's incredible success. With over 30,000 products, it's one of the best designed feeds in the industry. We update and refresh the feed every quarter to keep your conversions up. If you are comfortable with data driven sites, we invite you to take it for a spin. You can use one of the many programs or scripts that are available and designed to work with building data driven sites. If you need more info, email me and I'll give you all the details. You can access the feed by logging in to your account here.

Program quick stats:

1) We are running with DirectTrack.
2) We have 60 day cookies.
3) We pay 5% commission on all sales.
4) We are 100% Parasite Free.
5) Full 30,000 product data feed available, both generic and affiliate coded.
7) We have full page creatives for you to use.
8) We have the Product Showcase Creator for you to use.
9) Deep linking capability is available so you can link to individual product pages.

If you haven't tried BettyMills yet, you are missing a great opportunity. We have great conversions, great product demand and an incredible average sale - just ask anyone on our program.

To join the BettyMills affiliate program and start getting checks from us, you need to sign up here!

Thank you in advance for your support...

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