Hello team,

Good morning and a big thank you to all of you that have adopted BFP. We are rocking and getting ready to add more fuel....

We started working on this program in October of 2003, here are some quick stats.

Nov 03 - 115.49% growth
Dec 03 - 22.24% growth
Jan 03 - 55.30% growth
Feb 03 - 40.40% growth
Mar 03 - 58.88% growth

We had our best month on the program in March with $15,243.79 in affiliate sales. We still have the best kept secret on the web and most of the sales are coming from a dozen or so web savvy, smart affiliates that recognize opportunity and take action.

As a reminder, we have a fantastic data feed script that you can use to work with our massive auto parts catalog. You can get more information on the feed script here.

If you haven't joined our program yet, you can join here.

We are taking this to over $250,000 per month this year, you can be a part of this, opportunity is knocking...

we are going to push this program hard this quarter, get onboard and start making money today...