Hi all...

A new fpc (specials) for irons and wedges is available. I have also added a new fpc for novelty headcovers.

Also, the fpc for drivers and fairway woods have been modified slightly.

The links to each fpc can be found here:
Scroll to the bottom of the page.

These are the hottest selling items so far, for anyone who wants to put up lead or featured items.

1. Anything Z tour - Both woods and irons. Particularly the Z Tour Z2 driver and irons sets.

2. Synchron Synergy Hybrid Irons, and Tour Lies Concept Hybrid Irons are hot items.

3. The Synchron Medic Irons are going to move extremely well once they are in... (About June 5th).

4. The 588 XP Titanium Driver is also selling well early...

I will have a new datafeed up shortly with improved description fields. Not nearly as much white space, and the length chart table is gone.