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    I know that you said you would look into my problem with Best Foreign Parts but it's been about 3 weeks now and I haven't heard or seen any change. Can you give an email addy of someone at BFP that might help.



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    I was asking for some help with BFP as well Andy. My figure are now looking absolutely crazy. Its working out somewhere in the region of 0.0065 per click, blimey I bet even eBay pays better than that.

    Date Range(USD) Merchant Name Impressions Click- throughs Items Ordered Ordered Sales Items Shipped Shipped Sales Generated Leads Paid Clicks Returns & Cancellations Base Commissions
    03/01/2004- 05/06/2004 Best Foreign Parts 4 1,437 2 $163.82 2 $163.82 0 0 0 $9.83
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    This may not apply here, but when I see extremely bad clicks:sales rations it's worth checking ...

    It appears that not all affiliate tracking software filters out hits from SE bots. So if you get hundreds or thousands of pages spidered, the bots follow the links through to the merchant and get counted as clickthroughs.

    It can really skew the figures - but normally shows up as a blip over 1 or 2 days.

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