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    Hi all,

    I feel I need to post some facts on a recent thread that has been floating around ABW for the last several days.

    I have been working with the Kowabunga software and their development team for over 3 years now. A few years ago, I helped them with the partial design and features of the current version 8 that is in use. In under a year, KB designed what I felt was a robust affiliate software, with all the necessary bells and whistles to run a top notch ecom program but with no fat or fluff.

    Thse are facts that I can attest to and vouche for from many hours of personal use:

    1) Implementation is very easy and straighforward.
    2) Once implemented, it runs very smooth and can handle virtually any load - with additional servers.
    3) Tracking is always on and working - as long as the merchant does not make any changes to the reporting tag on their site or interferes with the data collected with such tag.
    4) It can handle large datafeeds, direct product linking and reporting of individual product links.
    5)) Comprehensive, accurate reporting - as long as the merchant does not change the data structure that is given to the software to generate stats.
    6) Reporting is perfect with the necessary reports to run any size program, for day to day affiliate program operations. No fluff, no fat, just the needed stats to grow a program.

    Im my personal experience, during two years of running a full blown affiliate program on it with over $500K being handled by the KB software, it performed flawlesly. This is not to say there were no bumps along the way, but most were GIGO errors - meaning, garbage in garbage out errors. As long as the system gets good data, it will handle and output accurate information. Once implemented and tracking properly, basically the only way to mess it up is to feed it wrong data.

    I continue to use KB for many of my clients and will continue to do so, it is one of the best softwares out there IMO for the price point. Kudos to Todd and his crew for developing an easy to manange and robust affiliate tracking program.

    ** I am not a KB employee or recieve any compensation from KB, this is only my personal opinion from personal use.

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    I with you on this Andy, I've never seen anything to indicate there are issues with tracking and provided the links are coded correctly it seems to work a treat

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