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We have great news to share with you today. As promised in the last affiliate email, we have created another two tools you can use to generate awesome jewelry sales with Szul.com

If you are not active with our program yet, I would like to ask that you take a minute now and set up a few of the hot coupons and deals we have included in our "New Promotions" link generator. Be sure to click them once you have them set up so you can be "active" on our radar.

Our New Ppromotions generator is on a fixed URL that you can access anytime and create links to the hottest deals and coupons in the online jewelry industry. Take a minute and bookmark this link now: http://affiliates.szul.com/newpromotions.asp

When you visit that URL, you simply enter your LinkShare affiliate ID and create your customized links. We have made it really simple for you to earn money, feature the hottest coupons and deals while selling jewelry online with Szul.com

Don't forget we also have the "Deal Of The Week" Link Generator" as well: http://affiliates.szul.com/dealoftheweek.asp. You can visit that link every week and find fresh creative and the hottest jewelry deals on the web.

We now have a full 2,700+ item data feed that you can request, you will find the data feed request form when you visit the new Coupon and New Promotions URL - http://affiliates.szul.com/newpromotions.asp

As always, i'm here to help you succeed, feel free to call me, email me or IM me with any questions, suggestions or ideas you may have. If there is a reason why you haven't promoted our program in the past, I'd like to hear about it and be given an opportunity to work with you. Let me know what I can do to help you make money with Szul.com

To your success,

Andy Rodriguez
Szul.com Affiliate
Program Management Team
P: 305-412-3512
C: 305-785-4524
E: szul@andyrodriguez.com
W: www.andyrodriguez.com
AIM: AffiliateDoctor <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Lock and load, Szul.com is ramping up for some revolutionary, explosive growth in the online jewelry industry !!!