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PC Micro Store has been a leading computer and electronics distributor in the United States for many years. Offering over 20,000 products from your favorite brands at low discount prices, PCM is dedicated to delivering high quality products and customer service round-the-clock. You will find what you are looking for whenever you want.

Please welcome our new PC merchant, PC Micro Store - you may sign up here.

Quick Facts:

1) We are on the Kowabunga network.
2) We have 30 day cookies.
3) We pay 4% commissions.
4) We are Parasite Free.
5) Full 15,000+ sku data feed is available.
7) Full page creatives are in production.
8) The Product Showcase Creator will be availble soon.
9) You can link to any page on our site with KB's simple deep linking structure and using refer detect.

Sign up for PC Micro Store here.

Full instructions, links and data feed access await you in your administration area.

I want to welcome you to our program in advance, I know we have a viral PC traffic community here and longing for some place to send your traffic. We are improving this program almost daily and we will be shaping it to become a top contender in the PC space.

Thanks in advance,