Hello everyone,

I have a very nice tip for you on how to help drive some costume sales this Halloween
and the that tip is CATWOMAN! Everywhere you look there she is with a whip in hand.
The images of Halle Barry have been everywhere and that's why we think this is going to be
a hot,hot item this Halloween and that should translate into some good sales for
all types of catwoman costumes.

So, we have some NEW banners to help your sales for Halloween with SurpriseHim.net.
The new banners are geared for the Catwoman Costumes and The Yellow Kill Bill Jumpsuit
and Sexy Costumes in general. Put these up and get in on some costume sales.

Lingerie is a great seller year round and now for Halloween you can capitalize
on SurpriseHim's great costume selection in all sizes.

Get your banners by logging in here:
Affiliate Login Page.

Another thing I excited talk to you about is the introduction of the:
Affiliate Product HTML / Datafeed Generator you can to it here:

This is a great tool to help you put up product filled pages easily and quickly.
So put up your pages with this to and start generating revenue for yourself.
You can also use the above link to genrate your data feed too.

Remember about the incentive bonus for the month of August.
If you make 4 separate sales you will receive a bonus of $25.00 in addition
to your commissions for the month of August.

There are also two coupon codes to promote for the month of August also.

5% off on purchase over $50.00 - Coupon id: surprisehim02
10% off on purchase over $100.00 - Coupon id: surprisehim01

Customers enter these at the time of checkout. Codes expire 8/31/04.

Here's hoping your costume sales are a real treat!!!!

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