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    The new Scammer on the "block" is 180 Solutions!

    From Bill McCloskey, a leading expert in rich media and new marketing echnologies, recently met with 180Solutions' CEO and Senior VP, Keith Smith and Daniel Todd. His article explains that 180Solutions is "doing it right."

    On to the Stroll:
    9:30. Grand Central Station. Some of you who have followed my recent writing about Gator may think I'm completely down on client-side software for the delivery of targeted ads. Far from it. To see a company that is doing it right, take a look at 180 Solutions. I met with Keith Smith, CEO, and Daniel Todd, senior VP, over coffee at Grand Central Station. Like Gator, 180 Solutions gets most of its downloads through bundling deals with peer-to-peer programs such as BearShare. However, while they track users' movements, unlike Gator they don't collect any personal identity information. Currently 180 Solutions has an exclusive contract with 24/7.

    Site =

    Looks like this is an easy one! --- We go after 247Media ... and kill the source

    "Over the past nine months in working with 180Solutions, we have recognized that your targeting technology works, delivering an incredible ROI for our advertisers."
    David J. Moore, CEO, 24/7

    Here is the boof -

    I think his mail is Lets take care of this crap and NOW!


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    Hi Haiko!

    I'm ready to jump on the band wagon but I need a little more info first...

    How does the program work, ie: does it pop up or put out links or cover up images or...

    What is 24/7? I went there but wasn't able to find out in the short amount of time I spent there, figured you could tell me quicker... [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    Do you know if the program is indeed collecting user information (and selling it later), contrary to their claims?

    Thanks Haiko!!

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    24/7 media is just like Doubleclick ..a banner serving company. Like all their departed brethern these guys milked all the VC bucks for online advertising during the DotCom gold rush peak years. Most litter PUDs Hall of fame as they deserved a quick death. They all now look to produce ADS that cover half the pages, enable along with the affilitae networks the scumware/parasiteware players since they haven't a clue on how to cure banner blindness. Half their clients and employees are in the shitter and they look to Rich Media Ads ( they loved Enliven -ePods -Impulse!Buy network POS Ads) movie sniplets to keep their billing up to stupid clients who think the Internet is a broadband access advertising media.

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