About 2 years ago, ls had an online forum to dicuss the new ls, most of the affiliates had big complaints about how they spent a lot of money, and the merchant owed them over $8,000. The reply from the ceo was that the merchant was overseas, and bankrupt, and the affiliates should hire a lawyer, fat chance,lawyers only want money upfront for medical things in the usa, and with international laws, the affiliates should just bend over and kiss their butts> Another thing, we have had a lot of requests from some ls merchants to join them, as affiliates,when you try, the same message, your website may not meet the criteia of the merchants, this happened in the past, we have upgraded our profile with ls many times, as we added more and more programs,we have certain types of products and a few services that we want in our sites, not credit cards, too many legal services, telehone plans, and web hosting, there is only so much room and search engines we can use. If we had applied direct, ls would give us a new user name and password, and traking wouldn't work, we made that mistake 2 years ago, and recieve the same promos from the same magaizine 10 times, we contacy the merchants, but i don't think many affiliate managers know what they are doing. You get a newsletter in the middle of janurary for the dec. sales.It was so much easier dealong with retailers offline, since most merchants in the food business only know the food business, or a part of it. We spent 45 years as retail design consultants, and those clients that listened, earned a lot, the others didn't.We find that a lot of people, with cash to invest, think all thet need is 4 walls, a ceiling and door, and they will also make a fortune, they also fail, the mark up is the profit margin, reducing the
start up expense, and good management, mad the chain, or co-op successful, which is why the little guys are eaten up by the so called deep discount chains,but they don't train the sales clerks, and they start cheting, making the employees work 50 hours, and get paid for 35 hours, with cut backs on the benefits. Since most products sold in this country are made over seas with cheap labor, try to find a shirt that fits, and the sleeves are different lenghts.This is typical of online merchants, fat cats that are getting almost free advertisements from us, and put the bucks overseas. Just a thought.We experienced this, and that is the truth.

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