I've had enough 180 spin. "Tommy" is preaching to the unconvertable. We know them for the parasite pushers that they are. We know that most, if not all of our site visitors have no idea what they are infected with or how they got it. And we know that no matter what we say here, they are not going away.

Given that it's unlikely that the US Government will put these people in prison any time soon, it's still up to us to detect their parasitic software and help visitors remove it.

Andrew Glover's script has been an effective tool to detect the nCase parasite. Unfortunately, the script hasn't been yet updated to detect 180's newest parasite, Zango.
Does anyone know of any other method of detecting it? I hesitate to email Andrew because the free script he's been providing has been such a valuable tool in fighting this scum and I'm hardly the one to ask him to do more.

If you don't use this script on your site, you should look into it. http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/ I've received many messages from visitors thanking me for detecting parasites such as nCase and providing information on removal & how to avoid being infected by 180, WhenU, Gator & their ilk in the future.

I'd also encourage affiliates to keep educating merchants about the parasite issue and request they put a parasite detector on their own sites. Let them know that the issue won't go away, and neither will we.