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    since it's a 180 solutions, everyone should be careful

    the email content: <>
    MetricsDirect: A Search Marketing Company

    Imagine the impact of more than 16 million Targeted Visitors viewing
    your site.
    Hi, my name is Michelle and I am an Account Manager at MetricsDirect. I
    noticed that you advertise your site on the
    Overture search engine under the search term 'xxxx'. I would like to
    introduce you to MetricsDirect, a unique online search marketing service
    enabled by advanced keyword targeting technology that delivers the most
    cost effective and measurable results for advertisers.

    MetricsDirect offers:
    * More visitors to your site
    * Unmatched performance
    * Metrics-based results
    * Excellent Customer Service and Account Management
    Sign up
    <> Demo
    **sign up now and get a 15% bonus credit to your campaign

    * $10,000 Budget
    * $1.66 CPC
    * 6,024 Visitors
    * 1,506 Registrants
    * $6.64 CPA


    * $10,000 Budget
    * $0.02 CPV
    * 500,000 Visitors
    * 7,500 Registrants
    * $1.33 CPA

    CPV MetricsDirect delivers 5 times the ROI direct to your site with more
    visits and more registrants
    MetricsDirect's new model for buying advertising is called Cost per
    Visitor (CPV). This model offers marketers:

    * Control: You control the frequency and reach of your advertising
    * Targeting: Your messages are targeted at keywords and delivered
    at the time that users most likely are interested in what you have
    to say or sell
    * Results: MetricsDirect delivers targeted, measurable and
    consistent performance

    A combination of the most successful online advertising solution,
    unmatched performance and excellent customer service, MetricsDirect
    always comes out on top in the online advertising world.

    Call us Today!
    Autumn Bryan P. 425-279-1135 | Meredith Dearie P. 425-279-1128 |
    Michelle Oglesbee P. 425-279-1147 | |

    Colin Robinson P. 425-279-1275
    P 425-522-1200 | F 425-522-1199 |
    a 180solutions company
    If you would prefer not to receive our email offers in the future,
    please click here:

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    I got this also, not too long ago. I don't pay to advertise on Overture though my site does come up near the top for the search term they cited. I don't know where these nitwits get their information. To top it off, I got 9 or 10 of the exact same messages. "Nitwits" is being to kind them. Those people are... oh never mind. You had to go and get me started.

    You're right though. MetricDirects=180Solutions=Scum


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    The problem is, how many affiliates out there have no idea about what they really do and will think it is a great thing to get involved in...

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    The spin sounds good, doesn't it? I can see where some affiliates might not see the harm in advertising with them, it's only later after they wise up that they will see the damage they have done.

    I think I've got most of my mail filters in place to just dump anything coming from them. They don't even bother to see if you're an advertiser or just have a freebie listing.

    It's a bad deal for affiliates, either way.


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    I was just thinking, if I hadn't stumbled on this forum about a year and a half ago, I wouldn't know anything about the crap 180 & other scumware bandits pull. I had Amazon ads & some book site ads from CJ for a couple of years, blissfully ignorant of what really goes on. It wasn't until I started researching other merchants for my content sites that I found ABW & got the excellent education I received about 180, WhenU, and others of their ilk. (I love the phrase "of their ilk."

    CJ never told me ANYTHING about what these people do or about the dangers are that they pose. Without having learned about them here, the words "180 Solutions" in small print on the MetricsDirect email I received would have meant nothing and I might have thought they were someone I might do business with.

    Without stumbling on the information through a forum like this, or actually getting robbed by the parasite, an affiliate is at the mercy of networks that are complicit in the guilt through their silence. I believe it completely when a CJ merchant claims they never received the education CJ claims they provide. Affiliates certainly receive none.

    The "trusted third parties" like CJ and others of their ilk can be trusted to see-no-evil, etc & keep their mouth shut. Only when they get called on it in these forums, do we hear of their "proactive" stand on parasites.

    Unfortunately, ABW doesn't reach all affiliates to provide the education so woefully ignored by certain networks.


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    To whom it may concern,

    If you are one of these companies above or affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies please do not email me or call my company at any time to suggest, recommend or even explain your products or services to me or anyone else at any time.

    I just received a spam email from ( not sure when I subscribed ), with a spam offer for ( 180 solutions ) so I dropped everything to make sure I post this.

    Just incase you scammers, spyware and marketing type companies do not know this about me, let me explain;

    1 - I've been working with computers for over 20 years - so I understand a little about technology. I understand also how marketing and advertising works. Heck, I was one of the top Sales Agents for a local "very popular" computer company a few years ago. So please don't explain your theory of How TV ads and radio are similar to marketing and through the use of installing un-wanted software on computers. Can you do that with my TV or radio? What a joke type of spin.

    2 - A friend of mine has been in Affiliate Marketing business for the past 5 years - so I understand how my friend lost money due to scammers, 180, Norton, the list is too long. My friend has been frustrated because of people like you but will not quit.

    3 - I started doing my own Affiliate Marketing 2 years ago on and off - so I understand now even better why I could not retire from my day job sooner, loosing money. Specially these past 2 years, these are the 2 years scammers where up to no good so it took a while for all of us to figure you out.

    4 - I joined ABW october 03' - so thanks to Haiko for ABW and my friend for referring me and from the pro's here, I have learned even more now what's going on behind the scenes. Still learning more every day.

    5 - Now I have been hired as the Affiliate Marketing Director - because I have now learned this business briefly, I can pass my experience so far along to my company and be glad to be here, so that we do not fall pray to spyware and scammers like you.

    Already I declined ( and will continue to do so ) a few affiliates associated with people like you, some had so many pop-ups everywhere and Gator, even my computer went crazy. Not because of affiliates personally but because I want to make sure they stop and understand who they themselves are associated with.

    There has to be a stop somewhere.

    So please again do not call me or email me. It will not work.

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