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    About 60 percent of all the malicious threats tracked by AVERT are what McAfee calls Potentially Unwanted Programs, or PUPs......

    These include "adware" and "spyware," which may even be legitimate software but end up on a system without the user's knowing consent,.....

    Here are McAfee's top 10 threats of the year so far:

    3. Adware-Gator 4. Adware-180Solutions 5. Adware-Cydoor 6. Adware-BetterInet

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    Makes sense as more systems are trashed and infested with adware/spyware then ever get whacked with real computer viruses. Nice to have your brand associated with with these sleezebag Adwhores making sure your Ad budgets get raped by any and all conceivable means.
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