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    Dirtbags. Noticed the website for epipo is also down. Hope they go out of business, are barred from ever owning or using a website through a 3rd party ever again and finally rot in hell.


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    Learned their lesson? Yes, of course. The lesson is this crap makes money. You shouldn't be surprised that these people have a history of being the scum of the net. Think "money."

    It's a big world. A court order in Seattle 2 1/2 years ago (when your links were news to us) means nothing to the likes of 180Solutions who is still the registrant of A quick Google search will show you that losers all across Europe are still promoting their scheme.

    This scam is only one of the income streams 180Solution's investors are hoping will pay back their $40 million investment in questionable web activities.

    What you're looking at here is a company of get-rich-quick netwhores. If my morals had sunk into the gutter to this extreme, I'd rather invest in a chain of Nevada whorehouses where there are at least some hard-working people just trying to survive. Thanks for the history lesson, though.


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    That pretty well sums it up Wayne as the history of 180Solutions founders and schemers setout with the idea of bilking private investors with the hype of the Internet Bubble. Played the ponzi schemes, surf to earn, MLM and Adwhore game to the max during the IPO craze days. Now these parasites know those angel investors want profits and their money back so they're pushed to push the theftware engine to the max.

    Hope they bring down the wrath of the consumers on anyone willing to pay a dime to ride that gorilla marketing train. Hope those investors are watching them like hawks as they might take off to some Island country like the Sharmen Industries (KaZZaa) folks with their P2P copywrite theftware program outside AG office jurisdiction.

    Maybe someone will publish some background on the principles of 180Solutions/MetricsDirect showing all how they got a foothold in the ecommerce gravy train.
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    Mike, I hope the investors in 180 knew what they were getting into. If things ever do go down as we hope they will, I'd prefer to see the opportunists lose their 40 million than innocent investors.

    Having said that, I should do a bit of research. If any of my funds bought into this scheme, I'm going to be pissed. Mostly at myself, of course.


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