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    This not only installs the 180 solutions search assistant, it also adds porn links and changes the users bookmarks, and periodically sends the user to a website outside of their control.

    Best part? It claims that "their" software doesn't overwrite affiliate codes, which of course since I consider the whole package "their software", is a lie. Adding to the insult, if you go to install it

    It pops up and says, "press yes to remove unwanted popups and spam", they pay .15 for an install - wow our some webmasters scumbags for cheap.

    I filed a formal complaint with the FTC over the misleading nature of their program, i would encourage everyone else to do so as well.$.s..._ORG_CODE=PU01


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    You know what is really sad? That .15/install really is a pretty good rate these days. Plus they put in 25% of your 'sponsors.' That means that which potential affiliate doing overwrites through the application can vary by each distributor.

    And did you read their FAQ's regarding increasing installs?

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    Ms. B, yeah I saw that. If you notice, most of the really bad offenders from 6 months ago who used the - you must install this to continue (even when that was not true) have stopped with that lie. I think the FTC went after some of those people.

    Other sites they run:

    Here is a post about visiting fastwebfinder.

    They share the same physical address with the company & Co:

    Yeah, you see that correctly. The scumbags are actually realtors, kinda. I am sure Keller and Williams is proud to be associated with them.

    But these guys are great for one thing. They are an easy way to show a merchant what they are working with when they work with 180 Solutions, promote your affiliate program, throw some porn links on your computer, hijack your computer, install some trojans... good stuff. What every merchant wants to be associated with, and thanks to 180 Solutions, THEY ARE!


    ps. Moderators, can we have the stupid I want to bash kerry crap that has nothing to do with this thread removed? Can we have that just stopped already? It has no place in actual discussions.

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    All I can say is that I'm cashing in on Zango because it's making me more money by helping people remove it than if I used it to overwrite links. As long as they're around doing drive-by and other illegal installs I'll get my share.

    From emails I get from my visitors to search phrases to reach one of my sites Zango is by far the most unpopular parasite out there. It seems to affect more people than any other. Or maybe it's just the most difficult to remove. In my stats anyway.

    Is there a list of merchants that use 180Solutions somewhere out there? I would LOVE to publish that!


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