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    Having returned to the office, I've spent a few hours re-examining 180's use of affiliate links. The bulk of the findings I previously reported remain in effect. There are some changes -- more 180 popups embedding affiliate links within IFRAMES or other hidden methods, where so many 180 popups previously were just "double" windows. But the core findings are the same: 180 (and its advertisers) collect commissions where no commissions are due; and they collect commissions where other affiliates should have collected commissions according to merchants' T&C's.

    What is the sense of ABW participants as to what I should do here? Recall that I posted lots of supplemental documentation in late July -- more videos, more packet logs, etc. I could make that many more of these. But, this seems like something of a pointless exercise -- what 180 and its advertisers are doing is already perfectly clear.

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    Okay, admittedly I don't know what's going on legislatively, but you might consider putting together a bunch of packets and sending one copy to each state's Attorney General, the Attorney General of the United States, and the chair of any congressional or senate committee that might even remotely be interested in your data.

    Copy the business desk of the NYT, Boston Globe, Washington Post, and any other major U.S. newspaper. PhillyBurbs could probably get you a good list.

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    Yes, send this to every news outlet you can find large or small. Some of them are bound to be looking for articles.

    If even one reporter writes it up well, it might be picked up by the major news services so don't over look the small ones.
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    Revenue Magazine - they are presently looking for articles.

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