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    The advertising-supported software provider 180solutions said Wednesday that it acquired Full Armor Studios, a downloadable games development firm, in a cash and stock deal for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition will spawn a new component of the adware provider's Zango software, called Zango Games. Full Armor will continue to publish games under the Zango Games brand.

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    These comments that this 180 solutions representative comes out with is continous drivel.

    As if... a minor is going to understand a EULA if one is even actually offered.

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    << He added that targeting children doesn't benefit 180solutions' advertisers, most of which sell products and services that require credit card information in order to make purchases. >>

    So the kids download the games, and the adults come in and surf and shop with the new parasite installed along with the game. Not targeting the kids? Huh? Pretty slick way to get the parasite installed without the adults' knowledge.

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    Just for their marketing guy openly lying to the reporter about the obvious target not being kids without credit cards, 180Solutions should be barred from all networks. Every BHO infestation scheme involves trickery as all network execs know. They condone preying upon children if they can pad their own pockets, via the theftware stuffing, regardless of shopper anger over the stupid abusive popups.

    The average Callgirl and street walker has the same ethics and morals of the suited Adwhores within this industry. All you AM's and affiliates riding the child abusers gravy train should go take a bath and re-think your lives.
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