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    Today I think I found that a CJ merchant is targeting other CJ merchants with like products using Zango.

    What makes me believe so is that after testing a link on my site there was a popup and up came another site (Yes that I offer to visitors) and in the browser bar with their site address was the following:

    Notice the 180 in it, which means that either 180 has their own tracking which circumvents the cj system all together (this merchant can and does track other ways with speciality sites) thus avoiding a seemingly COC violation as no affiliate promotion was happening.

    But what is not known. I am a shopper, I go to Mr. Poopies site and find something to buy. Click on link and visit suspect merchant.
    Don't buy anything at the moment, but keep treking through the internet looking for something.

    Now I find another merchant at another site. Go to that merchant. OPPS up pops the merchant via Zango that Poopie sent to them originally. They open the full screen of their store.

    Now the question what happened to Poopies original cookie? Did it stay safe? Did it get overwritten?

    Now whether the shopper bought at the second store or the new browser window of the first suspect merchant. I want to know did my cookie to the suspect get overwritten? Thus voiding my

    Now Im no cookie expert, but if Poon or Ben want to know the merchant and how it showed up to track the cookies, I will be happy to forward it to them.
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    More than likely, 180 signed themselves up in
    the affiliate program and are getting the
    commission themselves. I would like to know how
    much of their revenue is from themselves signing
    up in affiliate programs and stealing the
    commission themselves, versus how much of it is
    from clients actually using their services.

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