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    Amazon has a number of applications to help develop pages through a contest they ran.
    Has any one used this one. Any feedback or problems? I am aware every 5th link they switch to theirs, just the cost of getting something for free I guess, but I would be interested in hearig what others may have experienced good or bad with this particular one

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    wassup walleye warrior,

    I have been using his script for the past two weeks on An Album Cover and 4 Travel Fun.

    I have mostly seen my traffic increase 15 fold. I have more orders this quarter but nothing shipped yet. The jury is still out but the I really like the script. I think the best part is that it should generate 15% commission instead of the 5%.

    We will see but I do like it so far.

    stop rambling here.....

    Baby cover that bum!

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