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    Do the direct book links qualify for 15% commission? Is it true that all XML-based links qualify for only 5% even if direct links to books?

    Or does it depend on the script used? Which ones earn 15%?

    Thank you.

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    Azam, I don't know a lot about web services, but I believe it's still 15 percent if it meets all the other criteria for a 15 percent commission (see Amazon's FAQs for info on that).

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    If the book is discounted 10-30% and is placed directly in the cart as the first action, then you get 15% instead of 5%.

    With AWS, you control the "distractions" to ensure the user places the item in the cart. Several people have increased the number of 15% book sales, but it's still up in the air as to how much collateral damage has been done to their bottom line.

    Wal-Mart is comparable to Amazon: you don't go in there for one thing. That may be your intention, but you end up with a cartload of stuff. Now imagine sending someone into Wal-Mart with a blind-fold, picking up the item they came for, taking them and the item to a private room for their inspection of the item, and then expecting them to make the descision.

    You may or may not get that person sold on that item, but they may need windshield wipers, a new shirt, or dog food. Why keep them from seeing those items?

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