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    What the heck is this? I log into Amazon this morning, and see a list of sites that are supposedly mine. Two of them weren't:

    http://weblog.f** and ????

    Then I looked down further. You can Browse Associates Websites, and see the Movers & Shakers with the highest jump in web traffic.

    First, where did these two sites that don't belong to me come from, and second, are they out of their minds? Listing associate site addresses without first obtaining permission?

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    They must have permission. It must have been written into the agreement. By signing up with Amazon, you in effect gave them permission

    Info from Amazon:

    I don't want my Web site included in the list of browsable Associate sites. How can I have it removed?

    You can remove your site from the list of browsable Associate sites by clicking on the "More Information" link in the "Your Stores" widget on the Associates Central homepage. You'll be taken to the "Edit Your Site Categorization" page. On this page, locate the site you want to remove from the list of browsable Associates sites and click on the "Delete this site" link. Please allow one to three weeks for your site to be removed from the list of browsable websites

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    There is a thread about this on Amazon's associate discussion board. (Look for: "This is weird.") Lots of stray accounts are being "credited" to Amazon Associates for no apparent reason. The main theory is that Amazon's spyware-toolbar Alexa is making an association between between your account and these mystery sites.

    You might check the html of your "new" sites. Some associates have discovered that their "new" sites were by plagerists, copying some or all of their original content, even leaving the associate id's on links.


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    I followed the directions but couldn't find the "delete this site" button.

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