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    Has anyone come up with a way to compare Amazon tracking and revenue stats to those of, say, CJ? For example, any idea of the average number of items ordered per sale at Amazon?

    It's really tough (for me, at least) to arrrive at a way to calculate conversion rate and the EPC figure used by CJ, since Amazon divides its stats into "ordered" and "shipped."

    Any math/statistic whizzes out there with help?


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    I didn't know they sold apples and oranges on ebay!!

    Seriously though, the way I look at it is that the ordered number on Amazon equate to your EPC on CJ (5% of $$ amount ordered/(clicks/100) roughly), and your shipped revenue equals the check you receive from CJ once all returns and bad credit cards etc are counted.


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    It is impossible to determine an accurate ratio because of the fact that 75% of what is ordered is never shipped.

    This has been happening for the last 3 quarters. When I ask Amazon why?.........all I receive is the same techno stuff.

    Orders get cancelled, etc. etc......

    Heck fire 75% of the orders do not get cancelled. Maybe 1% I would agree. But not this high ratio.

    Who can actually prove those orders were never shipped? Not I............ Not you.

    As far as I'm concerned, I'm making sales and never seeing the commission from it.

    From 195 items ordered only 48 were ever shipped........... according to Amazon.

    You figure the odds on that one.

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