I feel like I've been bamboozled. Last quarter I was thrilled to see that Amazon bumped the commission to 8% for kitchen links. I deligently worked to get up a lot more links.

This quarter, they bumped the commission back down to 5%. If that wasn't bad enough, now I'm seeing products being replaced with Kitchen Etc and Cooking.com, which pay a 2.5% commission through amazon as Third-Party sellers.

I've been very busy switching my links to other retailers. Some only pay a 5% commission like Amazon, but at least they have 30-45 day cookies compared to 24-hours at amazon.

Amazon kitchen products have turned out to be a big disappointment. Amazon certainly has pulled one heck of a bait and switch con. They've lost my goodwill.

I could be adding new pages for the Christmas shopping rush, but instead I'm cleaning up my previous amazon pages. Grrrrrrrr

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