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    With the new Q2 tier structure, why would anyone choose the classic structure? They got rid of negative bonus for lower performers, got rid of the non-media requirements, and have the same referral rates as classic - plus an earnings bonus for higer performance.

    So given this, what am I missing? Why would anyone choose classic over tiered?

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    Their schizophrenic screwing with the commission structure every three months makes it easy for me to not choose either, no matter what they're promising this month. I still have some links up for Amazon as an option for those who insist on buying from them, but when they cut the book commission in half, I gave up putting any further effort into promoting them. Three months from now they could turn on you too. It's classic Amazon.


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    My experience has been a little different.

    We hit the 600% bonus round last quarter and the earnings were phenomenal. It was a lot of work, and some other merchants sales suffered, but it was worth it.

    Where else can you get these types of commission rates (factoring in the bonuses)? Unnnbelievable!

    I'm looking forward to the Q1 check. Despite the bar being raised I am going to redouble my efforts this quarter as no one else besides Amazon is bothering to motivate me serious incentives.

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