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    Does anyone have an article about Amazon listing higher prices through their affiliate link when they were caught doing this a number of years ago?

    No, I'm not suggesting they are doing it again, but another merchant definitely is and I need documentation of when Amazon was caught doing it in the past.

    I've done a Google search and apparently I'm not using the right key words because I haven't come up with anything.

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    From what I recall, I think the pricing was fairly random. It wasn't targeted at affiliate links. They were testing various price points to see how it affected conversions. They got some pretty bad press about it and stopped.

    Here are some links to stories about it:

    Computerworld 9/5/00
    Computerworld 9/11/00
    Computerworld 9/18/00

    I'm sure there are others, and you can probably find the discussions at the forum mentioned in the articles, but these articles should give you a good overview of what happened.

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    If I remember right it was more of a repeat vs. new customer issue. I seem to remember deleting amazon cookies and the price would change.

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