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    That is very scary ... :eek:

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    Wait until some haker figures out how to control their network of pc's. Talk about scary.

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    Brilliant's CEO was quick to note that people would be asked before their computers were used for this or other purposes. He said the software would show a pop-up box explaining the network's function and giving people a chance to turn it off. People who allow their computers to be used will be compensated somehow, possibly with gift certificates or free videos, the company's filing said.

    However, people who accept "terms of service" already distributed with Brilliant's and Kazaa's software are already agreeing to let their computers be used without any payment at all.

    "You hereby grant (Brilliant) the right to access and use the unused computing power and storage space on your computer/s and/or Internet access or bandwidth for the aggregation of content and use in distributed computing," the terms of service read. "The user acknowledges and authorizes this use without the right of compensation."

    Anybody who declines this provision is not able to install the Kazaa file-swapping software. Brilliant's software can be disabled or removed after installation without affecting Kazaa's performance, however.

    hmmm. they must know that no-one reads those screens.

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    Now that we have duped your teenager into giving us ownership of your computer we feel it necessary to impose the following restrictions to meet our profit goals. You will hence forth be required to install the Kazaa broadband T-1 connection offered through WorldCom/AT&T network for $500.00 monthly charge to increase our private network bandwidth. If you choose not to install this your dial up ISP connection will route to a 900 number at $2.00 per minute where the access charges will be charged to your Credit Card ( no need to fill in a form since we already know the number and Exp date) or be added to your phone bill.

    We have added to our services a new Porn search engine and a shopping Mall to increase the usability of our program. This popup screen will not close until you press the accept button.

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