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    I just checked my site stats today, and noticed one of the referrers was

    When I went to this page and placed the mouse over the results, all of the url's had at the beginning.

    Is Kaaza working with Overture?

    Could this mean that merchants paying for clicks from Overture also have to pay Kaaza commissions for any sales generated from these same results?

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    These P2PO thieves are going to need a war check of ill gotten affiliate commissions to get over on the major media companies...

    "Tuesday, December 03, 2002
    File-Sharing Case Arguments Open Up

    by Paul Wilborn

    Lawyers representing record companies and movie studios argued in federal court Monday that companies marketing file-sharing services encourage illegal copying of music and movies.

    Lawyers for the sharing services said they can't control what users do with their software.

    The arguments were made in a hearing seeking summary judgment in a lawsuit against the popular file-sharing services Grokster, StreamCast, which distributes the Morpheus peer-to-peer software, and Kazaa. It is similar to previous cases in which courts essentially shut down the file-sharing services Napster and Aimster.

    Both sides are seeking summary judgment.

    U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson took no immediate action, but promised to make a ruling later. He did not say when that would be.

    The file-sharing services are different from Napster, their attorneys argued, because they only provide software and help using that software.

    The services don't offer a list of songs and movies to users, but links do lead users to such lists, lawyers for the plaintiffs argued.

    People using file-swapping services for illegal infringement are no different than people using a copy machine to illegally copy a book or a piece of sheet music, argued Charles Baker, a lawyer for one of the services.

    But a lawyer for film studios said the services were designed around illegal downloading of music and movies.

    "They have created a place where infringement can take place," argued David Kendall, who represents six movie studios, including Fox, Disney and Paramount.

    Songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, responsible for such hits as "Hound Dog" and "Jailhouse Rock," are among the plaintiffs and were in the courtroom Monday. The song writing duo said illegal copying of music and movies was costing artists millions and would ultimately stifle creativity.

    "We think it is important for us to be here," Leiber said. "This could be a disaster for our culture."

    But Steve Griffin, CEO of Streamcast, said his company only provides a way for people to communicate with each other.

    "I think the judge understands this is a very complex case and is really about the future of the Internet," Griffin said.

    The plaintiffs are asking for the services to be closed down and that the companies be ordered to pay damages that could run into "many, many millions," said record industry attorney Russell J. Frackman.

    The Associated Press, Newsbytes

    WebMaster Mike

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