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    If you want to download stuff try kazaalite It connects to the same network as Kazaa but has no spyware or adware. I ran adaware to make sure. Usually has over 2 million user online at any given time, so you'll find what you're looking for.

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    Both times I've visited that site, an annoying program called "Virtual Bouncer" has installed itself on my machine. VB is difficult to remove, and even if you choose an option indicating that you don't want to install it, it goes ahead and installs itself on your computer. Anyone else with this problem?

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    I believe posts in ABW states it also blocks hosts file which means it will block ads from your affiliate partners. So the decision is, promote them just so you can download the free stuff, but shoot yourself in the foot because these same people who download it can no longer view your ads to generate clicks and sales.

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    Report: Record Labels Back Software to Stem Piracy
    Sat May 3, 2003 09:49 PM ET
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Some of the world's largest record labels are quietly financing the creation of programs by small software firms that, if deployed, would sabotage the computers and Internet connections of people who download pirated music, The New York Times reported.
    Citing industry executives, the Times reported in an article that appeared on its Web site on Saturday, that the efforts bear varying degrees of legality including attacking a computer's Internet connection to slow or halt downloads and overwhelming distribution networks with programs that masquerade as music files.

    "There are a lot of things you can do -- some quite nasty," the Times quoted Marc Morgenstern, chief executive of software company Overpeer, as saying. The company receives support from several large media companies, it said.

    If large record labels roll out the programs, it would be the most aggressive tactic yet in the music piracy wars by the recording industry, which has claimed that music piracy costs it more than $4 billion in annual sales worldwide.

    Last month a federal judge in Los Angeles ruled that file-sharing services Grokster and Morpheus were not guilty of copyright infringement.

    The Times said approaches under development range from relatively modest in degree to quite severe.

    One method is a "Trojan horse" program that simply redirects users to Web sites where they can legitimately buy the songs they had tried to download.

    Another locks up a computer for a certain amount of time, minutes or hours, risking the loss of data that was not saved if the user restarts the computer, the paper reported.

    The industry's big five labels -- Vivendi's Universal Music Group, AOL Time Warner's Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Bertelsmann's BMG and EMI Group -- have all backed the development of counterpiracy programs, according the industry executives, but none would discuss details publicly, the paper reported.

    Now this type of programming application would be great if it detected BHO theftware and launched a DOS attack on the IP#. Bringing the copyright thieves to their knees also thwarts the BHO bundles on these networks. I sure would love to hear 200 million infected P2P system users get wacked by some rogue program. I'd also love to hear those with eBates and Whenu get wacked by losing their internet connection. Great wake up call as this type of parasite combat move seems doable.

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