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    ? Is, One of my sites is not up yet still building every thing is fine but when I look in browser to make sure it is working I notice on some of my key words yellow lines and when I mouse it it turns yellow I also see it on some of my key words in table. I did not due this. I'am seing merchants on highlights and properties that I dont belong to !!!! I have gone back in and changed some key words the ones I changed their is no more yellow line or highlight. so whats up???????????

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    Add this on your meta tags.

    <meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="TRUE">


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    [Enclosed code within code tags]

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    The yellow links are indicative that you have the Kazaa parasite installed on your machine.

    I suggest you read all of:

    as well as:

    [Moved to Kazaa forum]


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    Thats what I though havent seen this in the few months that have been bulding this site. Thanks guys Well that means war!

    Only Good Parasite is a dead parasite

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