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Thread: Andy. Help! Betty Mills check problem

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    Hi Andy,

    i put the settings for Betty Mills payout from the start at $100 but I just received a check of $25.

    I emailed you once I was notified of the payment but no news from you.

    Anyway of replacing that check with a consolidated check for payments over the next few months until I hit $100.

    The bank charges me $10 for every individual check cleared, so if I were to bank in that check, half my commissions go to the bank.

    Please DON'T EVER do that again... Unless, you are willing to pay the bank charges of course

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    I've already sent an email notification to our accounting person who distributes the checks.

    Since he is on a fly fishing trip in South America (don't worry folks, he paid February out before he left), he won't be back til end of next week.

    Here is what I suggest. Go ahead and cash the check, and we will pay you an additional $10 with your next check to cover the bank fee.

    If that works for you, please reply back using the secret words 'Walla Walla' within your message, and it will be done.

    Future checks will be at the $100 minimum per your request.

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    Walla Walla


    Now to figure out how to make more sales

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