Betty Mills and GOJO are pleased to present the GOJO Campaign.

It's Cold and Flu Season, we've got the products people are looking for and we're going to pay you more for selling them!

Going forward we are offering 10% commission on ALL GOJO Products sold. In addition, we have free products with GOJO purchases. This is an exclusive offer for BettyMills Affiliates.

As an added bonus: The 3 Top Affiliates in GOJO sales from December 1, 2004 - January 31, 2005 will receive an extra $250 for their efforts!

To help you we have:
Lowest Pricing on all GOJO and PURELL products
GOJO specific Datafeed - Products and Categories
GOJO Specials’ Full Page Creative
GOJO Specials’ Banners

To find out about all the GOJO promotions and to download the creatives or to find out more about the BettyMills affiliate program, go to

Once you have logged in, go to GOJO under Campaigns.

With the recent shortage of Flu Shots across the country, people are more and more concerned about germs. Consumers want to Be Prepared for the Winter Germ Season! Dedicate part of your site or even create a new site for these high demand products. Not only will you add more traffic to your sites, but you'll also be paid higher commissions. Pricing and promotions for GOJO are exclusive to BettyMills and our Affiliates.

Don't delay - GO GOJO!