This sale just in from a large university. Not that large a sale, but not too shabby either...

First Quarter is always BettyMill's BIGGEST quarter. You got to get in now if you want to rock and roll with Betty!

This email is to notify you a sale of $1,173.06 was refered by [removed] in the Blast Off with BettyMills! (1) campaign on 2004-12-13
14:52:49. The transaction ID is 1102967538.

Quantity Item Number Name Item Price Total
2 RCP 4466 GRA Heavy-Duty Platform Trucks $446.54 $893.08
2 SAF 4077 FoldAway™ Platform Trucks $139.99 $279.98


Subtotal: $1173.06
Shipping: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Total: $1173.06