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    January 18th, 2005
    I got several others, but not BeFree's. Also, Does Linkshare send one 1099 for all its merchants.

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    LS sends one form that includes all the merchants it cuts checks for. For merchants that pay directly, then they will send their own forms seperately.

    Befree merchants all seem to send seperate forms.

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    Hi JadaKiss!

    Be Free's merchant issue their 1099's individually, as many already have internal accounting systems to generate these forms for their business in general.

    You also receive a 1099 if you have earned more than $600 in the tax year. In addition, a merchant can only send you a 1099 if you have your tax information completed and up-to-date in

    If you your tax and address information is accurate and updated in, earned more than $600 in 2001 from a merchant, and haven't received your 1099 form -- contact the merchant ASAP.

    You can find the merchant's contact information in by clicking on Fast Answer and then "Merchant Contact Information." A window will pop-up with an alphabetical list of merchants and contact information.


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