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    How do you find out the number of days of cookies for befree merchants? Do they list this anywhere? And if not, does anyone know generally how long the cookie is for?

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    I believe it hit your account, and you can follow through your signed up merchants, it'll say how long the cookies are for.

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    This is not posted anywhere at BeFree / and you have to e-mail each merchant and basically beg them to devulge this important information. Out of the 70 I contacted 4 replied with the info. All 7 days or under with one set a one day. The rest are probably all set a zero or 1 day since they chose not to reply.

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    We ask/encourage all merchants to include information about their use of Return-day cookies (and we advise them to use these cookies for better results!) in the merchant-area of

    If the information is not provided in or in the affiliate agreement, you should contact the merchant to find out. A list of merchant contacts is found in Fast Answer on (left nav bar on 1st page of Fast Answer).

    Be Free is looking for a usable and organized way to include this is information in the generic area of, along with some additional program information. We are planning a series of changes to for Q2 and Q3, and this change would factor into those upgrades.


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    RE: the earlier question about how long cookies last/

    If you see verbiage in the merchant's faq's such as the following from Dan's chocolates, there is no need to email. From this it is rather obvious any cookie is set to ZERO.

    Sales are recognized when a customer comes to from your site and buys our products.


    I've also clicked from my own links and noted the source id in the url> Then I sign in to the site directly later on and see if my source id is still there. (musicians friend uses cookies for later sales [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]) for example.

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