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    January 18th, 2005
    I'm used to getting e-mails from current affiliate managers, and affiliate managers that may be going on to greener pastures, however, this is a first for me...and I think it could have legal implications as well:

    Dear Tom,

    My company was hired as a sub-contractor of approximately two months ago to manage their affiliate program. Unfortunately, though my fee for the month of March was received, the check was returned to us unpaid.

    Repeated requests concerning this situation, as well as, questions to giftsplash about their plans for the affiliate program have gone unanswered. The company phone is currently not being answered. In addition, no transactions were sent by giftsplash to for the following dates in March: 3/4, 3/9, 3/16, 3/17, 3/18, 3/22, 3/24, 3/25, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/29, 3/30.

    Given this set of circumstances, I feel it's incumbent upon me to inform you of this situation so that you may take whatever action you deem appropriate, such as removing giftsplash links from your site.

    If you would like to contact giftsplash directly, here is their contact information:

    Eric Stern
    264 41st Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11232
    (800) 404-2660

    In addition, if you are in need of an effective collections resource, I highly recommend that you contact Bob Short of Dunn & Bradstreet. His email address is


    Jim Gribble

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    Sounds like a rattle snake under that wood pile. It effectively makes one wonder about the programs viability. The fact the guy didn't offer a replacement merchant makes it a bigger mystery unless it's a less than legit way to ruin someones business over a money dispute. Either way this guy sure could tell some stories here about his BeFree clients reporting & bookkeeping practices.

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    I haven't heard anyone elso complaining about them...makes me wonder if it is just a disgruntled employee...I've never received an e-mail from an affiliate manager (even if subcontracted) that trashed their own program. I'm awaiting a follow up from the company to see what they say...if they say nothing, then I truly wonder...LOL

    Tom Pyles

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