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    They put this in every url. But when I do a validation on the html this is not excepted. Is it ok to remove the "NOSAVE" from each url? What happens if I do or don't?

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    Actually, isn't it listed as an element in the img tag, not in any URL (at least I can't find it in my befree URLs)?

    If it is the one in the img tag, I can't imagine it causing a problem if you take out -- it's an old netscape-ism that is not valid html code and doesn't mean a thing to anyone except netscape.

    I'm guessing it's an ancient leftover from when some people were under the misconception that it was an element that prevented caching of images (it's not).

    Of course, I'm not a BeFree employee and I have no authority to "okay" your messing with their code -- and it doesn't hurt anything (except for showing up in html validation reports).

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    Oh I see, I have been taking them out for a long time now, and it just dawned on me the other day, (should I be doing this).

    I wonder why that hasn't been updated if its an old thing. hmm.

    Thanks Cedric. Your right, I should have said the img tag.

    We can do that with the cj ones too?

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    My understanding on the nosave, that it only shows up when you have consolidated your accounts.

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    I'm pretty sure that NOSAVE is a command to NOT save the image in your temp internet folder.

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    A lot of people have that misconception, akoss. Which is probably how it ended up being in the BeFree code.

    But as I said before, it's old Netscape junk code that doesn't mean anything to most browsers.

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    I haven't noticed any harm in doing so.
    Thanks for all the info.
    I'll continue to take them out.

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